Award Winning Boomerang Chair

Feza Koca Shares The Boomerang Chair

Feza Koca, the project leader of the highlighted project Chair by Feza Koca explicates, Boomerang is a flying toy, when it's thrown it comes back. Boomerang Chair is one of the pieces in Fly Collection, designed by Feza Koca, 2015. Every piece in the collection has freedom concept. Flying is freedom. Boomerang has two massive wooden hands and legs at the same time. Boomerang shaped wooden hands connect to each other by two massive beams. Seating part is a clear acrylic, carried by wooden beams. Boomerang seems to be flying by the help of clear acrylic. Relation between acrylic and wood is balanced, they are pure, simple and strong together..

Award Winning Boomerang Chair Images:


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